At the Hobbit, as we like to keep pace with current developments in a responsible manner, we look to remain faithful to our principles and our mission, namely to produce fair and entirely organic-vegetarian food.

The familiar Hobbit logo, based on the hobbit house in its idyllic green setting, has been further stylised.  Whilst the basic round shape remains, the green lettering now merges with earthen colours.

The range has posed quite a challenge: over the last dozen years or so, we have sold our own products as well as those by Food For Freedom.  The principles underlying both ranges are the same, except that products at Food For Freedom are also macrobiotic. This has at least been a distinguishing feature for customers who specifically look for macrobiotic products.  In recent years, whilst we have noticed that the macrobiotic movement is trying to find its way, the need for a specific brand has not been as significant. Indeed, the interpretation of the concept has become highly individual, and it is essential that the products are pure. The organic and pure, vegetarian nature of the products is key, which is the case for both brands.
We asked ourselves the question whether we offer our customers added value by keeping on both brands, and actually we were told that what the customer really wants is a joint brand with a strong foothold in the market.
So should we then drop one of the brands? That would leave us with a bad feeling, not least because we try to remain faithful to both traditions. After much consideration, we decided to opt for combining both ranges under The
Hobbit brand, and to add Food For Freedom's guiding principle to the brand. So we can now move on, backed by the strength of both ranges, with a view to making them even stronger by intertwining them.  After all, one plus one makes three.